World Of Warcraft Classic Player Reaches Level 60 In 3 Days (VIDEO)

World Of Warcraft Classic Player Reaches Level 60 In 3 Days (VIDEO)

Earlier this week saw the official start of Blizzard’s nostalgic resurgence of World of Warcraft Classic, the throwback MMO seeing an incredible response evident by massive wait lines and a hugely popular viewership on Twitch. One of the more notable draws taking place has been Classic Race To World First, a tournament aimed at commemorating several “firsts” in WoW Classic.

A particular highlight of the event saw numerous users fight to reach the game’s level cap of 60, with characters grinding through quests and defeating in-game enemies as quickly as possible. As the proceedings were semi-hosted by Method, a particularly notable Warcraft guild, expectations were on one of the group’s formidable challengers achieving the coveted accolade. However, it was actually a third-party WoW Classic user that ultimately ran off with the top spot, a lone gnome mage by the name of ‘Jokerd.’

As laid out in a lengthy Twitch stream (the final stretch of which, seen above), Jokerd became the first person in World of Warcraft Classic to achieve the game’s maximum level of 60–doing so in just 79 hours. Though the incredible feat was celebrated with an epic response from chat and a massive viewership of 347,000 people, Jokerd’s exact methods of levelling up have since come into question by some members of the WoW community.

To help push themselves over the top, Jokerd employed unconventional use of “layering,” a mechanic designed to quell the game’s previously-noted overpopulation problem. While the feature was meant to instance NPCs across multiple zones, Jokerd made use of it to encounter multiple iterations of enemies, allowing them to farm kills and effectively level up much faster. However, Jokerd has since addressed these concerns, assuring the exploit wasn’t yet utilized until Level 58–when victory at 60 was all but assured.

Jokerd has entered new territory as the first to reach Level 60, gaining access to the classic WoW’s grueling endgame raids and presenting plenty of opportunities for even higher caliber loot. As this is the first instance of someone crossing the finish line, it might be a little while before any headway proceeds, especially as endgame raids typically require dozens of Level 60 players to even attempt.

World of Warcraft Classic is available now for PC.

What do you think? Are you WoWed by this incredible feat, or do you feel that Jokerd’s technique wasn’t entirely up to snuff? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter and Facebook to be informed of the latest gaming and entertainment news 24 hours a day! For more headlines recently featured on DFTG, check out these next few news stories:

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