The Witcher Netflix Casts Actress As Renfri (RUMOR)

The Witcher Netflix Series

As many fans are already aware, Netflix is summoning the power of The Witcher for a big-budget series, having already completed scripts and begun casting for the epic fantasy adaptation. Notably cast so far was Superman actor Henry Cavill, who is set to portray the magic-wielding, silver-haired main character Geralt of Rivia.

While teases for the next round of casting have been issued as recently as yesterday, nobody else from the popular book-based gaming franchise has yet to receive their live-action counterparts. However, a recent rumor travelling the web has potentially unearthed one of the series’ major castings, and it sees actress Millie Brady portraying the character of Renfri.

Sourced from NSFW website Recapped, Brady is said to be involved in the very first episode of the Netflix show and feature some of the Witcher’s signature unflinching nudity and sexual content. The r/Witcher subreddit quickly ran with the rumor and begun discussing the potential casting in its corresponding thread.

Millie Brady’s casting, while not portraying anyone major in the Witcher canon, would seem like a welcome addition to the series. The actress has been pretty versed in swords and sorcery in the last few years, having appeared in last year’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and newly-acquired Netflix series The Last Kingdom. If all ends up true, perhaps we’ll also see her in The Witcher when it also eventually premieres on Netflix sometime down the line.

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