The Witcher Netflix Series

The Witcher Netflix Casts Actress As Renfri (RUMOR)

As many fans are already aware, Netflix is summoning the power of The Witcher for a big-budget series, having already completed scripts and begun casting for the epic fantasy adaptation….

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the witcher netflix adaptation

The Witcher Netflix Series Teases Big Casting News

Netflix’s The Witcher TV series continues on its development path in relative silence. Henry Cavill remains the only announced cast member. However, a tweet from the show’s casting agency indicates…

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Mortal Kombat Logo

Mortal Kombat Reboot Casting Details Released (UPDATE)

UPDATE from the producer at the bottom of the article about the validity of this information:  Age has not treated the first two Mortal Kombat films well. The special effects,…

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Ducktales Reboot

Lin-Manual Miranda Has Joined the Ducktales Reboot Cast!

For a little nostalgia, Disney fans simply have to think back to the good old days, when cartoons of anthropomorphic animals stood out as the highlight of every child’s television…

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Robin Williams

Robin Williams Was Turned Down For Integral Role in Harry Potter

Looking back on films of our youth, it’s hard to imagine that roles and stories could have possibly gone any other way. The impact these films have had on our…

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Boyd Holbrook Joins the Cast of the Last Wolverine Movie “Logan”

The character Donald Pierce may not immediately ring a bell, but the internet is buzzing about him in a big way. From the looks of it, this villain has it out…

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