The Witcher Netflix Series Adds Vikings And Black Sails Talent

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The Witcher fans have been beyond ecstatic to discover that Netflix is planning a series based on the popular video game. With Henry Cavill as the lead actor, some fans have hit overload, but a recent report has revealed some behind-the-scenes information that reveals more talent to come.

The GWW has reported on new cast members joining the team, adding more authenticity to the overall tone of The Witcher.  Among them is Julian Perry, a visual effects supervisor from Vikings which gives fans an idea of what to expect in that department. For those who follow Vikings, they can rest easy knowing that the visual effects are on point.


Also joining the team is the art director of Nightflayers, Chloe Klesta. This addition should certainly bring life to the characters. Coupled with Tim Aslam, the costume designer from Black Sails, we are definitely in for a well-rounded team to bring The Witcher from game to reality. Overall these additions could certainly make this an amazing addition to the Netflix catalog.

The Witcher is currently in pre-production and all of the episodes have been written. Filming is taking place this fall in Budapest, Hungary and the possibility of South Africa and Slovakia are also being considered as possibilities. There is, as of yet, no release date; however, a 2019 release isn’t out of the question.

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