Wil Wheaton To Narrate Ready Player Two Audiobook

Wil Wheaton

Video game culture has been validated enough to become a big part of mainstream media and one of the biggest reflections of that in the past decade has been Ready Player One. The New York Times bestselling 2011 novel by Ernest Cline was highly beloved by nerdy enthusiasts for its pop culture references and embrace of gamer culture. The story ended up becoming a highly successful 2018 film adaptation directed by Steven Spielberg, inspiring Cline to write the long-awaited sequel novel. Now, it has been confirmed that none other than Wil Wheaton will be narrating the audiobook version of Ready Player Two.

Wil Wheaton

As reported on Deadline, Star Trek: The Next Generation star and general nerd-favorite Wil Wheaton will narrate the Ready Player Two audiobook, reprising his work as the narrator of the Ready Player One audiobook. Many praised Wheaton’s performance of the first audiobook, given his well-known real-life affinity for nerd culture reflecting well in his delivery of Cline’s written word. Fittingly enough, Ready Player One even references Wil Wheaton at one point, as his elderly self is a high-ranking elected official/moderator for the virtual reality world of the Oasis in 2045 in the book’s universe.

Ready Player One told the story of Wade Watts, a pop-culture-obsessed kid living in a stack of motor homes who seeks fame and fortune in a virtual reality world known as The Oasis. Ready Player Two is expected to take place after the ending of the first book. Penguin Random House Audio has confirmed that the Ready Player Two audiobook narrated by Wil Wheaton will be released the same day as the print version of the book – on November 24th this year. Like the Oasis itself, hopefully, the book provides some much-needed escapism from the dystopian world outside. Going outside is highly overrated, after all.

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