Introducing the Warmonger Tribe in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War (VIDEO)

Shadow of War Warmonger Tribe

In just a couple of short weeks, fans will be exploring Mordor and beyond in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. One of the key features to the sequel is the expansion of the Nemesis System within the game, which allows players to choose different tribes of Orcs to assist in their quest. Several tribes have already been revealed, but one of the most brutal Orc factions are known as the Warmonger Tribe, and you can check out their reveal trailer below:

All Orcs are war-driven, but the Warmonger Tribe will bring “a storm of terror, misery, and slaughter” to the battlefields of Mordor. Wearing their blood red colors, these Orcs live for the glory of war, as well as the pillaging and plundering their kinsmen are accustomed to. They look to be the first to run onto a battlefied, and will surely be a force to be reckoned with. Getting these blood-thirsty Warmonger tribesmen won’t be easy, but the benefit of having them as an ally could prove to give players the ultimate edge in Shadow of War. 

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War releases on October 10th on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. Are you looking forward to Shadow of Mordor’s sequel? Which has been your favorite tribe revealed so far? Let us know in the comments section below. Be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter to stay up to date on the hottest news in gaming and entertainment via our 24/7 live news feed. To catch up on the other Shadow of War tribes, check out these articles:

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