Lord Of The Rings Amazon Series Reveals 20+ Stunning Teaser Posters

Lord of the Rings The Rings of Power

While we still don’t know much about Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series, the company has no problem teasing fans of things to come. A wild trailer was recently revealed showing off the title of the upcoming show, The Rings Of Power, featuring some insane close-up shots as molten metal unveiled a title screen and logo for the upcoming show. Now fans have received yet another series of teasers, this time hinting at various characters that will be appearing in the series, though who they are is anybody’s guess.

The set of over 20 posters released on Twitter is quite mysterious and visually impressive, similar to the rest of the teases fans have received up to this point. As seen in the gallery posted below, no faces are shown in any of the images, though there are some clues as to who some of the characters might be, or at the very least their affiliation.

The Lord of The Rings: The Rings Of Power Teaser Posters

Delving inside, we can see in one image a character holding a scroll featuring Sindarin text, the language of the Elves, and what looks like a tease of an image of some kind of architecture, though at the time of writing the text is unclear. Whether this could be an Elf or at the very least an Elven scholar remains to be seen. Speaking of Elves, however, another poster features a figure in ornate armor depicting a wood-like design as well as leaves and a face. The figure is holding an arrow and putting all the clues together could be representing a Silvan Elf, or a Wood Elf figure hailing from somewhere in Mirkwood.

Yet another poster for the Lord of the Rings series features a character holding what appears to be a scepter of some sort topped with a golden city and a very tall building in the center, potentially representing Annúminas, the capital city of the Kingdom of Arnor. As for who could be holding such an item, it’s possible that this could be Elendil, one of the last Númenóreans who also goes on to be an important figure in the fight against Sauron later down the line.

Lastly, one of the most recognizable posters is one depicting a character holding a sword with a horse on the pommel. This could be a reference to an already confirmed character, Baldor who in the books served as the son of the second king of Rohan and was assumed to have died in the Paths of the Dead in the history of Tolkien’s lore. As for the rest of the many figures presented in the recent teaser posters, it’ll take some time to decipher the true nature of just who the characters are.

With the show set to premiere later this year, hopefully, a bigger reveal for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power happens sooner rather than later. Of course, there’s plenty to speculate about already, as these images feature references to numerous characters of varying races from Dwarves, to Elves, Men, and even Hobbits. Still, with the series premiering later this year, hopefully, fans will be given a bit more of an idea of what characters they can expect in the coming months.

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is set to debut on September 2nd of this year as an Amazon Prime exclusive. Are you excited to see what the future holds for this attempt at expanding on the lore set by the legendary J.R.R. Tolkien? Let us know your thoughts on the recent teaser posters for The Rings of Power series and more in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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