This 60 Second Warfame Lore Video Is Perfect For Newcomers (VIDEO)


Warframe is a pretty rad online experience that has a healthy part action, healthy part lore aspect to the overall game style. The free-to-play game has garnered a lot of love through the years as the devs continue to prove to fans that they know what players want and are not above giving them exactly that.

It’s also a game that has a completely loyal fan-base and with a constant flow of new content drops and its easy accessibility on all platforms, it’s no wonder that so many would be flocking to see what the online game is about. To help out newcomers feel out the lay of the land, or just to help veterans of the franchise freshen up, this 60 second lore video is here to help. Not only that, but it helps out hilariously, because the Lore in a Minute YouTube channels can always be trusted to put their own comedic spin on any game franchise.

Though the video is totally safe for work, we’d get it if you’re not in a place to watch the above lore breakdown. Luckily, this team always has a handy transcript ready:

“Long ago, humanity discovered The Void, an extra dimensional realm. Studying the Void advanced science quickly. The Orokin Empire terraformed the Origin System, but after centuries of expansion, resources became scarce.

So the Orokin sent self-replicating machines to terraform the Tau System. The first colonists boarded the ship Zariman 10-0, headed to the new system, but the void-jump failed. Presumed lost, the ship returned years later. Unfortunately, only the children survived, plagued by explosive new powers. Thankfully, Orokin scientist Margulis created Somatic Pods to grant them control and pleasant dreams.”

“Meanwhile, the self-replicating machines returned as The Sentients, seeking revenge on their creators. The Orokin were outmatched, so they weaponized the children, now called the Tenno. Forced into Transference, the Tenno projected into surrogate biomechanical armor called Warframes, drove back the Sentients and ended the Old War.

“But the history of the Tenno has faded, the Collapse of the Orokin Empire is an ancient mystery. Centuries later, new factions fight for Orokin technology. The Grineer, descended from Orokin clones, augment their deteriorating bodies to conquer the colonies. The Corpus, profit-mad scavengers hunt for better technology. And the Infested mutate their enemies with invasive Technocytes.

You are one of the Tenno. Awakening in a pod, you’re surrounded by Grineer soldiers hoping to dissect you. Good thing you’re gun-toting, sword-swinging biomechanical death machine.”

Warframe is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. What’s your favourite part about Warframe? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t forget to hit that follow button over on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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