US-Based Misfits Reboot Finally Reveals Cast Members


Long time adored British series Misfits is finally getting a reboot after much speculation and rumors that the cult classic would return in a new spin on the old classic. An announcement was made that a pilot had been ordered for the series, along with a cast listing of who will be playing four out of the five leads. Misfits is a show that focuses on a group of teen offenders in a community service program who develop supernatural powers after being struck by a mysterious electrical storm.

If this sounds like the quintessential coming-of-age story for young adults (who happen to have super powers), then be prepared for quite the surprise. The British version of this show certainly helped pave the way for cult fans, featuring a diverse and unique weave of story and plot lines that made for one incredible series. Featuring some more down-to-earth world problems from bullying to sexually transmitted diseases (and superpowers), the original show then deviated onto a much stranger path, featuring some interesting incidents like death by a lactose controlling bad guy, and time traveling to the past to kill Hitler, as well as plenty of curse words and authentic London sarcasm.


We do know who four of the five main characters will be so far, with Ashleigh LaThrop as Alisha, Tre Hall as Curtis, Allie MacDonald as Kelly, and Jake Cannavale as fan fave Nathan. So far, it looks like the series might be deviating somewhat from the original, but with a pilot on the way, it’s just a matter of time before fans get to see how the US version of Misfits will be. In the meantime, check out these other articles on television series to keep in the know:

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