Anime Fans, Braces Yourselves – The Classic Cowboy Bebop is Making the Live-Action Jump

Netflix Live-Action Cowboy Bebop

Many anime fans, but new and old, have at the very least heard of the classic Cowboy Bebop series. This popular space western narrative first saw the light of day back in 1998 and has remained a staple with fans and an inspiration to other anime creators since then. Now there’s an all new way to see Spike and the crew, as a live-action television series adaptation has just been announced.

The news came courtesy of Variety as Tomorrow Studios takes the helm of the latest project. For fans of the original anime, the news that the studio that was in charge of it will always be in the executive producer seat of the live-action Cowboy series, Sunset Inc. Chris Yost (Thor and Thor: The Dark World) will be in charge of writing the live-action adaption.

Marty Adelstein (Prison Break and Tru Calling), who is among the producing team, had this to say in a recent statement:

“The animated version has long resonated with audiences worldwide. With the continued, ever growing, popularity of anime, we believe a live action version will have an incredible impact today.”

The live-action rendition of this cult classic isn’t the only time that Cowboy Bebop has stepped beyond their anime TV time. Back in 2003, an animated film made its debut and received extremely positive feedback world-wide. It also mainlined into the western audience’s interest when it made the jump to Adult Swim in the United States.

While animes receiving the live-action treatment is nothing new, it has been a hit or miss in many cases. Sometimes there are those rare successes of positive reception, but too often the casting or the narrative just doesn’t quite translate. What do you think about this classic come to life in a new television series? Who would be your ideal cast? Tell us all about it in the comment section below, and don’t forget to tune into the DFTG on Twitter for our 24 hour news feed for all things gaming and entertainment.


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