Unopened Super Mario Bros. Sells For More Than 600K, Breaks World Record

Unopened Super Mario Bros

Pop culture enthusiasts are well known for the extents to which they will seek out the rarest of collectibles. Thanks to auction sites like eBay, the lucky few that have found the most sought after of memorabilia can sell their findings for large amounts of money, and the most passionate hunters can find the rarities they’re looking for. This has seen everything from holographic Charizard Pokemon cards to variant comic book issues selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now, an unopened Super Mario Bros. Nintendo Entertainment System cartridge has sold for more than $600,000, which has broken a world record.

As reported by Game Informer, an unopened Super Mario Bros. NES cartridge has sold for $660,000 at a recent auction. Kelsey Lewin of Game History has shared some context for this sale on Twitter, as it appears to have broken a world record for the most expensive single copy of a video game ever sold. Heritage Auctions, which hosted the sale, gave this description as to why the particular copy should be valued so high:

Not only is this the finest plastic-sealed copy with a perforated cardboard hangtab we’ve ever offered of any black box title, it is also the oldest sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. we’ve ever had the opportunity to offer. This is only the fourth version of Super Mario Bros. ever produced, and its window of production was remarkably short. Just to paint a better picture of how short this really was — the nationwide release for the console came in mid to late 1986, and black box games distributed for that release did not have the “Game Pak NES-GP” code.”

Lewin also mentions that one of the more recent instances of a high-price sale was a Nintendo PlayStation prototype console that sold for $300,000 less than this Super Mario Bros. mint copy. Lewin also expresses her belief that a video game title selling for more than $1 million could still happen, which seems feasible as more years pass by and the scarcity of the oldest of games being in mint condition only becomes more rare. This unopened Super Mario Bros. game sale might just be the beginning of a new increase in rare video game value. Maybe it might even be the new GameStop stock diamond-hand tendie frenzy?

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