Ubisoft Connect Combines The Best Of Uplay With A New Rewards System (VIDEO)

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Companies are always trying to innovate and find better ways to integrate their systems into bigger and better things, including Ubisoft’s Uplay and Ubisoft Club rewards system. The company completely revamped their services and announced Ubisoft Connect – a new way to connect with others in the Ubisoft community – along with new and improved features, branding, and more.

According to the hub’s creative director, Charles Huteau, Ubisoft Connect merges the best of Uplay and the Ubisoft Club rewards system and will become the latest hub for the community. Check out the launch trailer below to catch a glimpse of what it’s all about:

Ubisoft Connect Features

  • Smart Intel System, Ubisoft’s AI gaming assistant SAM that gives players personalized tips, stats, and videos to improve their gameplay statistics and style
  • New activity feed
  • New in-game overlay
  • Cross-platform features, including cross-progression, new social events and challenges

Thanks to consistent feedback from the community, the team redeveloped their current services to launch Ubisoft Connect. Stephanie Perotti, Charles Huteau, and team have been developing the hub for two years now and they’re excited to what the rest of the fans think of their new look and features.

“We’ve been developing online services at Ubisoft for about 10 years now, and we felt it was the right time to create something fresh for our players, something better adapted to the way people game today,” Huteau explained. “The arrival of the next generation of consoles and gaming hardware was also a key aspect behind the decision, and a perfect moment to tackle the transformation because it’s changing the way people play, allowing them to interact with the same content on multiple platforms. It also helps to ease people into the new generation of devices, from the new consoles to streaming and cloud platforms, with something that is more adapted to suit that experience.”

In other words, as the gaming industry continues to innovate in design and technological capabilities, Ubisoft believed it was time to do the same. Both Uplay and their rewards system needed a fresh take.

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