Toys R Us to Have SNES Classic Edition Consoles On Launch Despite Bankruptcy Filing

Toys R Us

One of the biggest stories to hit business news reporting this week has been the announcement that US retailer Toys R Us is filing for bankruptcy. The company, which began with its first store in New Jersey in 1948, while still making billions in sales revenue each year has seen a decrease in popularity with rising popularity from online retailers. Many have been wondering if or how this might affect the current operations of the still operating Toys R Us stores, namely if it would halt the retailer’s sales of its SNES Classic Edition inventory. Now, the company has officially spoken to these inquiries about the latest Nintendo gadget.

A Toys R Us representative has given an official statement to Polygon, responding to fears of the SNES Classic Edition not coming to Toys R Us, saying: “Stores will open at normal time and have limited inventory of the console, so we encourage customers to get in line before doors open on Friday morning for the chance to scoop up this hot item.” It appears that the retailer will still be able to sell the retro device as planned starting on Friday, September 29th. While pre-orders have not and will not be available, those who were unable to reserve an SNES Classic Edition elsewhere will have another chance at their local Toys R Us.

While much about the future of Toys R Us remains uncertain, it is a relief to see that for the immediate aftermath of their bankruptcy filing, it will be business as usual. Are you guys glad to hear that Toys R Us will still have SNES Classic Edition inventory at launch on 9/29? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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