The World Ends With You Anime Trailer, Release Window Revealed (VIDEO)

The world ends with you anime

As anime continues to grow more and more popular as a medium, content producers have been looking to video game franchises as the perfect stories to translate directly into anime series. Netflix has found great success with their Castlevania anime series adaptation, and a Diablo anime series is also long-rumored to be in the works. One of Square Enix’s more cult favorite series has been The World Ends With You, which immediately struck a chord with its original Nintendo DS game. Now, as The World Ends With You gets its own anime series treatment, another new trailer has been revealed for the upcoming adaptation.

Square Enix released a new trailer for The Worlds Ends With You anime series on their official YouTube channel. For those unaware, the original The World Ends With You Nintendo DS game focuses on protagonist Neku Sakuraba in a fictionalized version of Shibuya, Japan, where he and other youths are selected to compete in a game that sends them to an alternate plane of reality and has them fighting for the survival of humanity. The trailer appears to indicate that the series will follow the same storyline from the original game and keep the same characters as they were originally depicted. On top of that, the footage also establishes April 2021 as an all-new release window for the anime adaptation.

The world ends with you

Square Enix also shared some new art promoting the series showing the Reaper characters from The World Ends With You, as they will be seen in the anime series. Also confirmed is the new theme song for the anime, which will be performed by the band Alien Liberation International (or ALI for short). The fusion band embodies a variety of musical genres, including funk, soul, and jazz, and also coincidentally represents the real-life Shibuya as their native city.

The World Ends With You is the perfect source material for an anime adaptation, and the trailer seems to indicate that it is carefully staying true to what made the original game so compelling. The world may end with you, but this franchise seems to still have plenty of life left in it.

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