The Last Of Us Marlene Actor Will Reprise Role In The Live-Action HBO Series

The Last Of Us Marlene Actor Will Reprise Role In The Live-Action HBO Series

It seems these days that just about every major streaming service or network has some sort of video game adaptation for film or television in the works. Amazon has a Fallout series in production, and Paramount+ will see the long-awaited Halo series come to its service. HBO has also not been quiet regarding its updates for their live-action The Last of Us series. With major casting choices like Pedro Pascal as Joel and Gabriel Luna as Tommy, some roles will look slightly different from their video game counterparts. However, it seems one role will remain the same, as the Marlene actor from the game will reprise her role in the HBO series.

Marlene actor

Variety has reported on the Marlene actor being confirmed to reprise her role for The Last of Us live-action series. Merle Dandridge will indeed reprise the role she had provided the voice and motion capture work for in The Last of Us games. Marlene is the head of the Fireflies resistance movement that tasks Joel with bringing Ellie safely across the country to Salt Lake City. So far, Dandridge is the first actor from the games set to reprise a role from the games, and she will join the new actors for the game’s characters when filming begins later this year.

Marlene Actor

Aside from being the Marlene actor from The Last of Us games, fans may know Dandridge from her work in television series like HBO Max’s The Flight Attendant and FX’s Sons of Anarchy. While Naughty Dog has promised that the new series will switch up some story and character elements from the games to make the HBO series feel like a new experience, with connections like this from the games still in-tact, it’s good to know not all the Fireflies have been dimmed.

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