The Division 2 DC Outskirts DLC Available Now For Free (VIDEO)

Since the launch of The Division 2, Ubisoft laid out a careful plan of the content to arrive within the first year. The community can expect a constant flux of…

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The Division 2 Director Is Gauging Interest For A Single Player Spin-Off

The Division 2 has been steadily churning out new content since the game released earlier this year, with Ubisoft committed to producing more raids like Operation Dark Hours, which released…

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The Division 2 Reveals Exclusive Twitch Prime Items

Love getting exclusive in-game loot for some of your top video game titles? Any gamer with an Amazon Prime account can sign up for a Twitch Prime, which provides goodies…

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New The Division 2 Raid Trailer Highlights Operation Dark Hours (VIDEO)

After being delayed for roughly a month, The Division 2 is finally receiving its very first raid. Operation Dark Hours is set to go live later this week and it…

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The Division 2 Enters Phase 2 Testing For New Update

The folks over at Ubisoft have plenty planned for The Division 2, with the developer now toiling away on Title Update 3 for the popular game. To that end, Phase…

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The Division 2 Features Clever ‘Spider-Man’ Easter Egg

In between the business-as-usual shooting of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, the Ubisoft title has been one to leave oodles of Easter Eggs all over its massive open world, and…

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The Division 2 Receiving Changes For Balance, Skills, And More In Future Update

The Division 2 has been chugging along, with players continually coming back for more of the glorious action the game has to offer. That said, the dev team at Massive…

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The Division 2 In-Game Posters Might Be Teasing NYC-Themed DLC

Players have been having a pretty good time in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 since it launched last month, and with plenty more content to come, it’s bound to only…

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The Division 2’s Day One Patch Is Massive On PlayStation 4

Less than a week remains before the release of Ubisoft’s The Division 2. That said, while everyone is anticipating the launch, those who intend to enjoy it on PlayStation 4…

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March 2019: All The Games Releasing This Month (UPDATED)

As February recently met its annual end, there’s now a wave of gaming goodness ready to meet us on the other side. March 2019 is set to debut quite a…

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