Telltale Releases Batman Episode 3 – ‘New World Order’

Just yesterday, October 25th, Telltale released the latest episode for their series, Batman. Episode 3 is titled New World Order and reveals the aftermath of Gotham after an attack led by the insidious Penguin was aired on live television for the citizens of Gotham to see.  If you haven’t had a chance to play the latest installment of this stunning series yet, check out the trailer below to get hyped up for the next phase of the Dark Knight’s story:

Previously introduced in Episode 2, New World Order continues the mysterious story line of the Children of Arkham. As Bruce Wayne, your job  is to uncover the truth of who exactly the Children of Arkham are, in order to stop Penguin’s evil plot for the ruination of Gotham City. Additionally in the episode, players learn more about Selina Kyle’s identity, and Harvey Dent becomes “deeply changed” after the events that capped off the plot of Episode 2.

Well known for their episodic storytelling methods, Telltale Games has released what looks to be another enthralling piece for fans of the popular DC hero. If you’re interested in getting in on this gritty story line for yourself, purchase options run customers about $24 to buy all five episodes of the game. Purchasing the full series all at once gets you previously released episodes and access the newest ones as they are completed. The full game bundle is currently available for purchase on Steam, Xbox Live, The PlayStation Store, and Telltale’s website.

Batman "New World Order" still

Avid fans will recognize some top name voice actors portraying the popular characters in this story. The game includes the voice of Troy Baker (Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End) as Bruce Wayne, Richard McGonagle (Uncharted series) as Carmine Falcone, and Laura Bailey (Gears of War 4) as Selina Kyle.

What do you think of the newest episode in this popular series? Have you had a chance to play Telltale’s stunning series yet? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the Dark Knight’s newest series!


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