Xbox One Bundle: The Perfect Console for Any Gears of War Fan

Microsoft has announced the latest edition of their Xbox One console: The Gears of War 4 Limited Edition Bundle!

With the release of Gears of War 4, Xbox players have been loving this newest release of the popular franchise. Since its release, Gears of War 4 has received a lot of positive feedback from the gaming community, making it a hot title that many swear by for good, shoot-em-up fun. So what better way to enjoy it than by supplementing this awesome game with a beautiful console?

Enter the Xbox One S, 2TB Limited Edition bundle. Just take a look at how gorgeous this piece is:

gears-of-war-limited-edition-bundleThis season, Xbox has really outdone themselves on their newest console release. This stunning, blood-red piece, featuring authentic looking scratches and the Gears logo, comes with the Limited Edition Crimson Omen controller, Gears of War 4: Ultimate edition, plus the Season Pass, Six Gear packs, and other exclusive items for your ultimate gaming experience. It’s definitely worth it for those who’ve followed the Gears franchise from its gritty beginning.

Oh and did we forget to mention the other features that makes this console so worth it?

Let’s list some of the other reasons why the newest member of the Xbox family should be on your “Must have” list:

  • Textured Grip controller for comfort and long hours of playing
  • Bluetooth radio and Blu-ray player to contend with competing Sony PlayStation 4
  • 4K Ultra HD video for video experiences of only the highest quality.
  • Plus, we can’t forget about a vertical stand, for any tight quarters storage.

Yeah, its pretty much got it all.

As for the Gears of War craze, check out this hilarious video of Conan O’Brien battling it out with Whiz Khalifa, Gears style.  It’s sure to get you in the mood for a little Gears action!

As always, gamers, check back with us for more updates on your favorite games, consoles and other gaming news. Enjoy the hunt this season!


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