Telltale Games Comments On Assassinated Russian Diplomat’s Appearance In Batman Game

Telltale Games comments

The Telltale Games Batman series has been generally well received by its audience for its nontraditional gameplay styles not often seen in previous Batman games, notably, its significant portions devoted to playing as civilian Bruce Wayne, as well as its use of investigation skills as a gameplay mechanic. However, it appears that the most recent episode of Batman: The Enemy Within found too much inspiration from a real-life crime scene in need of a detective. The new episode bizarrely used a real life photo of an assassinated Russian ambassador, leaving fans perplexed, as Telltale Games comments on the photo’s use.

Warning: Graphic Image Seen Below

The tweet seen above from @BroTeamPill pointed out that the crime scene pictured on one of Bruce Wayne’s Batcave monitors featured a dead body that was actually that of the assassinated Andrei Karlov, Russia’s ambassador to Turkey. Karlov was shot at point blank range at an art gallery opening last December. For several days after the game’s release, it was unclear why this was used in the game. Many had theorized that given the rapid nature of Telltale series needing to have new episodes developed and released quickly, it would be possible that a developer might have just googled “crime scene body” for images and used the recent Karlov photo. Telltale has officially commented on the photo’s appearance in the game to Gamasutra, saying:

An update to the game has been submitted this morning that will be removing the image across all platforms. We regret this incident occurred, and we are taking appropriate action internally to ensure that we continue to maintain our high standards in Production and Quality Assurance.”

While it is not clear why specifically the image ended up in the game to begin with, it is good to see Telltale Games owning up to the mistake and addressing it quickly. What do you guys think about the Telltale Games comments regarding the photo’s presence in the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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