Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick Wants to Establish a Legacy – Talks “Overselling titles”

During an MKM Partners webcast, Strauss Zelnick (CEO of Take Two Interactive Publishing) explained why the company does not release games annually. Take Two is known, in particular, for the Grand Theft Auto, Borderlands, Red Dead Redemption series, labeled by Rockstar and 2K. It is not an uncommon question when asked, “So when is the next game coming out? It’s been a while.” The biggest reason – Zelnick fears that by overselling titles, and turning them into mass series, fans may accuse the companies of money grubbing and negligence.

For example, the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Though the series is popular, the complaints largely regard how repetitive the it is. Many are still willing to buy it and hope for enough difference to justify another sixty-dollars. This isn’t to knock on Assassin’s Creed, but to bring attention to the fact that a series can still make a lot of money and be well-regarded without a title every year. Strauss Zelnick believes that by aiming for quality over quantity – they will be able to establish a lasting legacy. So far, it seems to be working for them. He explains:

“It would imply doubling our development teams. It would imply calling into question our quality. And it would imply the risk that consumers tire of these franchises. One of the things that’s best about Take-Two is our franchises seem to be permanent. They’re beloved and permanent. Whereas our competitors burn off their franchises, which means they have to create new ones, which is incredibly difficult to do.”

Red Dead Redemption Strauss Zelnick

It is extremely difficult to maintain quality while attempting to satiate non-existent hunger. And by that, I mean – people may want the next installment, but the wait is always worth it. The hunger for the next title will subside with time, but the excitement for it will surge as soon as there is a speck of news. There will always be a game fans can play, while we wait for the next title in a series. Take into consideration the multitude of games released just this year, and those coming very soon. Sometimes, it’s alright to wait, especially to stave off a disappointing release.

Zelnick’s desire, if they were to expand at all, would be to do so with purpose and discipline. It is the hope that with this sort of drive and perspective, Take Two will thrive.

What do you think of Zelnick’s vision? Are you a fan of Take Two’s companies – Rockstar and 2k? Let us know in the comments section down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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