Facebook Anounces Unity Build for Gameroom

In August Facebook announced that they would be setting their sights on the gaming community, developing a new feature called “Gameroom”. Today , November 2nd, they announced that Unity build for exporting games is now available in the beta version. As stated in their official blog, this new feature would allow developers to bring a better gaming experience to the PC that “takes full advantage of the CPU and GPU native power”.


The idea is to be able to export and publish games directly to Facebook  and allow Unity developers to offer games directly to the to gamers using the social media site. This includes a feature for in game purchases tied to Facebook.

Originally this was a native Windows project, available to download for free, that includes games both native to windows, mobile, and web, to be ported to players across the globe.


Facebook states that the features of Gameroom will include the ability to continue progress across different platforms, adjust graphics settings, Zip bundles up to 10 MB, upload creative assets in the app center, a 10 second loading time, and a 200MB cap, with a 500MB consideration depending on the game.

Shared was a video detailing how to integrate Unity games with Facebook Gameroom that you can watch here.

This move puts Facebook in direct competition with Valve’s Steam platform. While Steam has had a considerable amount of time to establish a following, the reach of this social media giant might just force them to step up their game. So to speak.


Developers are expected to take a 30 percent cut of the profits, much the same deal Steam offers to developers who sell on their site. Facebook support plans to launch with Unity 5.6 in 2017.

What do you think about Facebook moving in on the gaming industry and competing with Steam? Let us know in the comments below!

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