BioWare talks

BioWare Talks Mass Effect Andromeda – Here Are Their Plans for Future Fixes and Improvements

It’s been exactly one day since Mass Effect Andromeda launched, and what a rollercoaster of emotions it has been! From the ecstatic praises, to the angry tirades about the facial…

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The Sims Twitter Has a Little Fun with BBC Interview Mishap (VIDEO)

You have probably seen the video going around showing a BBC Interview with Professor Robert Kelly who was speaking about the ramifications of the President of South Korea being impeached…

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Twitch Now Allows Users to Change Their Usernames

Has PussySlayer9000 or Dank420 lost its appeal? Are you tired of the regretful decision of staring at your computer screen for hours before making a last minute decision? Creating a…

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Skate 4

EA Community Manager Teases Skate 4 With A Single Tweet And Fans Are Thrilled

In the world of Social Media, it’s not hard to leak information about game titles with a single post online. One post confirming or denying a game’s title can go…

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Suicide Squad director

Suicide Squad Director David Ayer on Making the Film – “I Wish I Had a Time Machine”

Suicide Squad director David Ayer should have a lot to be proud of. He directed a film that set the record for the biggest US August opening, the film itself…

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Cyber Wolf Gang

Cyber Wolf Gang Hacked Square Enix Europe’s Twitter – Yikes!

Earlier this morning, Square Enix Europe’s Twitter account was under siege by hackers and the resulting Tweets were definitely not pretty. The hack occurred about 6 a.m. ET mocking the company…

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Kojima Productions

“Everything Was From Zero” – Hideo Kojima Reflects Back On 2016 With Message to his Fans

A very Happy New Year’s Eve, friends! As we prepare to welcome 2017 into our lives, and leave behind 2016 (with some minor relief), it’s time to reflect on the…

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Live Action Movie Gintama Trailer Releases Epic Visuals! (VIDEO)

Fans of the long running manga serial Gintama got the tease of a lifetime when cast announcements and character visuals were released for a live-action remake of the action/comedy story….

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Total War: ARENA Now Under Wargaming Alliance Development (VIDEO)

Total War: ARENA, a long anticipated free-to-play MMO, is finally moving forward in its production phase, as SEGA has officially passed the buck onto Wargaming in a surprising partnership to…

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Microsoft GM Weighs In On NES Classic Shortage – Shots Fired

With the release of the NES Classic yesterday, stores all over are running out of stock and the demand for the tiny console is growing with each passing moment. Although…

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