Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Toy Story Mod Brings Sheriff Woody To Life (VIDEO)

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Toy Story Mod Brings Sheriff Woody To Life (VIDEO)

The release of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice earlier this year continued the tradition of difficult FromSoftware games whose challenging gameplay invites players for more brutal quarrels. The game has especially…

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Toy Story Minecraft

Toy Story Invades Minecraft In New Crossover (VIDEO)

With Toy Story 4 officially out in theaters, fans of the popular franchise have been flocking to see the latest adventure on the big screen. That said, Mojang is jumping…

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Toy Story 4 Teaser Reveals Premiere Date, Bo Peep Returns (VIDEO)

Toy Story is a beloved Disney-Pixar franchise that gave us all nightmares and paranoid over-the-shoulder looks after we left the room. Are toys playing coy as inanimate objects? Probably not,…

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Three New Kingdom Hearts 3 videos

New Kingdom Hearts 3 Videos Show Off Combat, Characters, and Cutscenes (VIDEO)

Little more than a month stands between Kingdom Hearts fans and the long awaited third core entry in the series. Despite there being such little time until the release of…

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Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III Producers Detail New Gameplay Features To Expect Upon Release

Kingdom Hearts III is definitely one of the most anticipated games of the year. With the game soaking up some of Square Enix’s presentation time, a lot more news is…

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Details

New Kingdom Hearts 3 Details Revealed In Latest PlayStation Magazine Issue

Despite not having a specific release date yet, Kingdom Hearts 3 is easily one of the most anticipated games of 2018. The promise of new Disney-themed worlds, new combat skills,…

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Battlefront II Buzz

Battlefront II Buzz Lightyear Mod Brings The Space Ranger To A Galaxy Far, Far Away (VIDEO)

Despite having a community somewhat not as concentrated on its PC version, Star Wars Battlefront II has been able to attract the modding community in surprising ways. In response to…

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BotW mods

Legend of Zelda: BotW Mods Lets Players be Woody, Waluigi & More! (VIDEOS)

Of course the modders were going to slither out of their caves the second players could get The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to work through PC emulators….

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kingdom hearts 3 director

Kingdom Hearts 3 Director Tetsuya Nomura Says Switch Version is a Future Possibility

It turns out that a Kingdom Hearts 3 on the Nintendo Switch is a possibility after all, but that’s what it currently remains – a possibility. According to an interview…

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New Trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 Shows Off Buzz Lightyear and the Gang from Toy Story (VIDEO)

The news surrounding Kingdom Hearts 3 has definitely had more than a few pitfalls that have caused fans around the world to become a little disheartened. At this year’s D23,…

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