Super Nintendo World Park Details Revealed Alongside New Music Trailer (VIDEO)

While once very protective of their intellectual properties, Nintendo has decidedly been open to partnering with outside parties for collaborative efforts involving their characters in recent years. Nintendo allowed Omega…

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Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 Mod Adds Split-Screen Multiplayer (VIDEO)

Super Mario 64 released over 20 years ago and yet, it remains a classic title that many fans enjoy even today. While a majority of Mario titles have been released…

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Super Mario Maker 2 Adds Playable Link From The Legend of Zelda (VIDEO)

Super Mario Maker 2 Adds Playable Link From The Legend of Zelda (VIDEO)

Super Mario Maker 2 has proven to be the sequel that keeps on giving, providing players with ample content from both Nintendo as well as legions of creative level-generating fans….

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Mario Kart Tour Launches With Oodles Of Microtransactions

Mario Kart Tour Launches With Oodles Of Microtransactions (VIDEO)

Mario Kart is one of Nintendo’s most popular flagship franchises, not only for its lineup of Mushroom Kindom characters but for its solid and distinct kart-racing gameplay. The series’ recent…

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super mario sunshine feat

Super Mario Sunshine Possibly Teased By Nintendo

It might be grasping at straws, plenty of people out there loves a theory, especially if it means the return of a well-received game in Mario franchise history. During the…

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Luigi's Mansion 3

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Reveals Spooky New Gameplay And Details (VIDEO)

After the game’s reveal last year, fans have been itching to scare up more information regarding Luigi’s Mansion 3, the game having remained eerily absent in the months since. A…

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Super Mario Bros Movie

Super Mario Bros. Movie Slated For 2022 Release, Says Nintendo

2019 looks to be a promising year for video game fans who have wanted to see their favorite franchise hit the big screen. In May, Pokemon fans will finally see…

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Mario Voice Actor

Mario Voice Actor Achieves World Record For Most Roles As Same Character (VIDEO)

The world of animated voice over work is known for having actors ubiquitously attached to specific characters. Iconic character roles tied to specific actors, such as Tom Kenny as Spongebob…

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Super Mario Bros. Movie Planned With 'Despicable Me' Studio

Super Mario Bros. Movie Planned With ‘Despicable Me’ Studio

As anyone who grew up in the original era of the NES and SNES knows, Nintendo once attempted to bring forth a live-action Super Mario Bros. movie and let’s just…

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Mario Sad

Mario Segale, Namesake of Nintendo’s Mario, Passes Away at 84

The Super Mario franchise has left an irreproachable mark on video games. Last week, we lost a man who made an crucial impact on the game itself. Mario Segale, the…

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