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Silent Hill Art Director Announces New Game In Development

There have been spots of news on Silent Hill lately, but not in the way most fans of the horror series likely expected. From the themed slot machine announcement from…

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Silent Hill Domain Goes Up For Sale

Well, it’s been a good while since Konami has tickled the minds of horror genre gamers out there. That is Unless a Silent Hill themed slot machine or the canceled…

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Hideo Kojima Wants To Awaken His "Horror Soul" To Make Scary Games

Hideo Kojima Wants To Awaken His “Horror Soul” To Make Scary Games

The legendary Hideo Kojima is at it again, essentially promising fans that he plans on scaring us all half to death. Having completed his work on Death Stranding, Kojima-san appears…

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Silent Hill

Konami Announces Silent Hill Slot Machine

Read that title. Read it again. Unfortunately, you’re not making it up or having a hallucination. Fans who’ve been waiting for another Silent Hill title to be announced certainly weren’t…

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P.T. Camera Hack Uncovers Horrifying Game Secret

Kojima Productions released P.T. back in 2014 and was designed to be an interactive teaser or “Playable Teaser” for the now-canceled title for the Silent Hill franchise. Unlike most other…

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The Dark Pictures Anthology Reveals Silent Hill-Like Next Entry (VIDEO)

The Dark Pictures Anthology Reveals Silent Hill-Like Next Entry (VIDEO)

Following development on immersive horror titles such as Until Dawn and The Inpatient, developer Supermassive Games set out on the intriguing endeavor to craft a series of standalone tales of…

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PUBG Teases IT, Silent Hill-Like Characters For Coming Halloween Event (VIDEO)

Fans of PUBG are gearing up with developers for what appears to be a Halloween themed event. With only two weeks and counting, many titles are getting in the spirit…

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Silent Hill Documentary

Silent Hill Documentary Follows The Horror Series’ Rise And Fall (VIDEO)

Silent Hill is a franchise fondly remembered for its haunting and nightmarish setting, and its willingness to push the boundaries when it came to horror games. With a series so…

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Silent Hill 2 Secrets

New Silent Hill 2 Secrets Discovered 17 Years After Launch (VIDEO)

Silent Hill games are well-known for their intense, fear-inducing atmosphere, made even more terrifying by the seemingly omnipresent monsters that lurk just beyond a veil of fog. Because of these…

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Super Bomberman R update

Super Bomberman R Update Adds Strange Cast Of New Characters (GALLERY)

The latest Super Bomberman R update for Nintendo Switch has brought a whole host of new features to the game. New game modes, some adjustments to gameplay, and new characters…

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