Outbreak Event

Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak Event Details Feature Russian Space Capsules, Alien Parasites, And More (VIDEO)

Players of Rainbow Six Siege will soon be able to witness the theoretical scenario of what happens when an alien parasite finds its way into the Earth’s population. The month…

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Rainbow Six Siege On The Zombie Outbreak, Operation Chimera, And New Operators

Rainbow Six Siege continues to show why it’s a worthwhile shooter with a consistent rotation of content since it launched two years ago. As the popularity continues to soar, despite…

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Rainbow Six Siege Price Drops After Overwhelming Backlash From Community

It’s unheard of that the price of a game would increase years after it has released, but that’s what Ubisoft is going for with a game that came out in…

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Rainbow Six Siege Jäger

Rainbow Six Siege Jäger Glitch Is Finally Getting Patched

By now, fans of the shooter have noticed the Rainbow Six Siege Jäger glitch that has been causing an imbalance in the game of late. Among the issues are the loss of…

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Rainbow Six Siege: White Noise New Gameplay And Tips Revealed By Ubisoft (VIDEO)

Year 2 season four is on its way and Ubisoft has been slowly delivering details to fans as the approach for Rainbow Six Siege White Noise gets ever closer. Past…

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Operation Chimera

Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 Brings Operation Chimera And More – Full Breakdown

Rainbow Six will be going into its third year soon meaning new content is on the way. New Operators, maps, and more will be made available over time beginning with…

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Mission Outbreak

Mission Outbreak Bringing Zombies To Rainbow Six Siege (VIDEO)

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege is in its third year already. For a three-year old title, the game is still doing quite well for itself. During a livestream event, the publishers announced a…

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Rainbow Six Siege Newest Operator Leaked Early – Meet The Hacker Dokkaebi

Her name translates to “Goblin” hence the green, vertically stretching lines that cover the artwork for Rainbow Six Siege’s newest operator, Dokkaebi. Hacker extraordinaire Grace “Dokkaebi” Nam is the latest…

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Blood Orchid Operator

Second Operation Blood Orchid Operator Revealed for Rainbow Six: Siege – Meet Lesion (VIDEO)

One of the two new Operation Blood Orchid operators to be released for Rainbow Six: Siege has been revealed already, codenamed Ying. She is an attacker who has a rolling…

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Operation Blood Orchid

Operation Blood Orchid Rainbow Six Siege Release Date – New Map and New Operatives

Rainbow Six Siege is currently in its second season of 2017 and the game, as well as the team, has undergone many changes since launch. One of the many improvements…

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