PUBG Mobile Reveals Mission: Impossible Tie-In Content (VIDEO)

PUBG Mobile Reveals Mission: Impossible Tie-In Content (VIDEO)

Sometimes it can feel pretty impossible to nab that elusive chicken dinner in PUBG. Well, Mission: Impossible’s IMF team knows all about doing the impossible, and PUBG Mobile has officially…

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Sonic Movie

Live Action Sonic Movie Will Make The Hedgehog A “Juvenile Delinquent”, Says Paramount CEO

The Sonic the Hedgehog fanbase is notorious for being among the most fervent fandoms on the internet. Thus, when news broke last year that a Sonic the Hedgehog live-action movie…

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Mission: Impossible - Fallout Trailer

Mission: Impossible – Fallout Trailer Features Insane Tom Cruise Action (VIDEO)

Much to the delight of Tom Cruise fans the world over, the new Mission: Impossible – Fallout trailer aired during the Super Bowl featuring tons of the death-defying stunts that…

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Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Rights

Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Heading to the Big Screen Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

The past few years in the film industry have seen a significant influx of film adaptations of popular video games, mostly projects based on more recent video game franchises. Films…

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World War Z

World War Z Sequel Close to Being Greenlit With David Fincher to Direct

It looks like the big-budget zombie film World War Z is finally getting the chance to return to the big screen in an upcoming sequel from Paramount Pictures. Since the previous film’s…

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Anime Film

Anime Film ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Releases New Clips Showcasing Classic Abilities and Villian (VIDEOS)

For months, fans have been awaiting the release of the anime-adapted film, Ghost in the Shell. The movie starring Scarlett Johannson as Major Motoko Kusanagi is set to release next…

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Shell movie clip

New Ghost in the Shell Movie Clip Shows Scarlett Johansson Waking Up (VIDEO)

For the past several months, Ghost in the Shell fans have been scouring the many media platforms that have given glimpses of the new film adaptation of the beloved manga….

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