Anime Film ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Releases New Clips Showcasing Classic Abilities and Villian (VIDEOS)

Anime Film

For months, fans have been awaiting the release of the anime-adapted film, Ghost in the Shell. The movie starring Scarlett Johannson as Major Motoko Kusanagi is set to release next week. The clips and images seen so far provide us with a look at just how close this live action anime film will be to its source material, this includes Scarlett Johansson’s Major. Even now though, fans are combing the internet searching for any clips or photos they can find.  Thankfully, multiple new videos were revealed, including the one below which showcases one of Major’s cybernetic enhancements.

Here we see one of Major’s iconic abilities, her Thermoptic, or Active Camouflage, as Major takes down a particular brand of bad. As a side note, because of the original idea of this active camo from the manga/ anime, researchers are actually trying to create something similar at the University of Tokyo. There’s even talk of an entire skyscraper using similar tech.

Another clip that was shown is one introducing the villain of the movie, Kuze, as portrayed by Michael Pitt. It also indicates that while Johannson’s character believes she is the only one of her kind, there are most likely others. At the end, we also see the names of three people, a Dr. Ouelet, Cutter, and Dr. Osomond.

Anime Film

There’s been a lot of talk over whether or not the anime film will stay true to the source material. Only time will tell as fans will be able to find out for themselves when the movie releases March 31st. If the photo above is any indication, it would seem they are on the right track. Multiple videos and photos have been released over the months comparing scenes and images side by side. Most all of which are nearly identical to that source material from the anime, so for fans of the original anime – this is good news.

Scarlett Johannson looks to be very similar visually as her anime counterpart and what can be gathered from clips, is also audibly similar as well. Will the anime film live up to the hype? Let us know your thoughts on the adaptation in the comments below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage on all things gaming and entertainment.

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