Family Guy GoldenEye

Family Guy GoldenEye 007 Homage Pays Tribute To The Classic FPS (VIDEO)

Family Guy is now in its seventeenth season on Fox, and the series shows no signs of slowing down on its pop culture references. The joke-delivering device helped propel Family…

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Nintendo Switch eShop

Nintendo Switch eShop N64 And DS Categories Spotted

Many Nintendo fans are quite familiar with the Virtual Console, which allowed those playing on Wii, Wii U, and 3DS to enjoy older titles from consoles of yesteryear on their…

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Super Smash Bros SNES

Here’s The Super Smash Bros SNES Version Your Childhood Was Missing (VIDEO)

Super Smash Bros has been one of Nintendo’s most popular franchises since the first Nintendo 64 installment arrived in 1999. As it was only a few years prior when the…

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N64 Mini

N64 Mini Console Hinted In New Nintendo Trademark

The huge successes of the NES and SNES Classic Editions has ensured that retro microconsoles are here to stay for the immediate future. It isn’t difficult to see why, as…

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Super Smash Bros

Throwback Thursday: Super Smash Bros – Clash Of The Nintendo Titans (VIDEO)

Let’s throw back to April 26, 1999, when Super Smash Bros released for Nintendo 64. The fighting title was unique in the way it assembled many of Nintendo’s distinct franchises…

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Conker's Bad Fur Day

Throwback Thursday: Conker’s Bad Fur Day – The Gloriously Offensive N64 Classic (VIDEO)

Let’s throw back to March 5, 2001, when Conker’s Bad Fur Day released for the Nintendo 64. Coming out at the tail end of Rare’s partnership with Nintendo, the game…

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Turok Remaster receives PEGI rating

Turok Remaster Receives PEGI Rating For Xbox One

Turok is one of those games that everyone knows is a classic Nintendo 64 romp where players take on the role of the time-traveling titular character and, in essence, hunt…

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Nintendo 64

Nintendo 64 Was This Year’s Hottest Selling Holiday Item, Vintage Retailers Claim

Let’s take a trip back to Christmas 1996. Wrapping paper is being ripped from the exterior of every box in sight by children as they frantically search for something that…

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Hidden Super Mario 64 Easter Egg Discovered After 20 Years

Easter eggs are practically expected as newer and more modern games are being created, and that’s especially the case with long-time developers like Nintendo. Not unlike the Poke Balls found…

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GoldenEye 007

Has GoldenEye 007 Seen The End Of Its Copyright Ownership With Nintendo?

Fans who recall the first-person shooter GoldenEye 007 often look back on the game with a deep fondness. Not only was the hit Nintendo 64 game a highly enjoyable multiplayer…

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