creepy Mimikyu Z-move

Creepy Mimikyu Z-Move Unveiled In Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon Trailer (VIDEO)

Pokemon Sun and Moon introduced the adorable yet creepy Mimikyu to the fan base. This ghost/fairy-type creature disguises itself – rather poorly – as Pikachu in an attempt to make…

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Upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors Update Brings New Costumes, Weapons, And More

Fire Emblem Warriors, the latest franchise addition with a hack-and-slash gameplay style to freshen it up, released in September and focused more on real-time strategy rather than its usual turn-based…

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An Exclusive SNES Themed Nintendo 3DS XL Is Coming To North America (GALLERY)

Thought to be an exclusive to Europe, the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) edition of the Nintendo 3DS XL is coming to North America at the right time. Arriving this…

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Nintendo Miiverse

‘Everybody’s Message Community’ Created To Close Nintendo Miiverse With A Bang

While the Wii U proved to underperform in sales compared to Nintendo’s expectations, those that did own the device largely praised the hardware comprising the device itself, and its unique…

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Fire Emblem Warriors DLC plans revealed

Nintendo Reveals Fire Emblem Warriors DLC Packs, Special Edition for Switch

With Fire Emblem Warriors arriving in less than a month, Nintendo has revealed its plans for the upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors DLC packs for both the Nintendo Switch and the…

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Pokemon Gold and Silver Re-Release Announced for the Nintendo 3DS (VIDEO)

Pokemon Gold and Silver are seeing a re-release to the modern day handheld system. The game that appeared exclusively for the Game Boy Color is coming to the Nintendo 3DS and…

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Fire Emblem Warriors Gameplay

Worlds Collide in New Fire Emblem Warriors Gameplay Trailer (VIDEO)

The latest Nintendo Direct delighted fans with a new Fire Emblem Warriors gameplay trailer. The game draws from familiar faces across the franchise universe and pits them against armies and…

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Nintendo Direct

ICYMI: Full Recap of the Latest Nintendo Direct – Games, Hardware, and Trailers (VIDEOS)

And just like that, the latest Nintendo Direct has come and gone. Though many were hoping for Smash Brothers news or a surprise “Just kidding, Okami IS coming to the…

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Nintendo Direct Highlights New Mode and Amiibo for Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions

The Nintendo 3Ds is getting its own remake of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, the first in the Mario & Luigi RPG series, and it’s even better than before! Revisit…

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Latest Nintendo Direct Reveals Kirby Battle Royale for the 3DS — Arrives Next Year (VIDEO)

It was announced in April that an untitled multiplayer action game will be arriving soon for the Kirby franchise. So, during the Nintendo Direct stream earlier today, Kirby Battle Royale…

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