‘Everybody’s Message Community’ Created To Close Nintendo Miiverse With A Bang

Nintendo Miiverse

While the Wii U proved to underperform in sales compared to Nintendo’s expectations, those that did own the device largely praised the hardware comprising the device itself, and its unique features. This also includes the Miiverse functionality. The nifty little social media curiosity allowed Wii U (and eventually 3DS owners) to talk to other players of a specific game under a dedicated Miiverse page and leave detailed drawings for others to marvel at.

It came as sad news for these users that the Nintendo Switch would not support Nintendo Miiverse, and that the network would be closing on the old consoles. However, the newly created Everybody’s Message Community has now been created to send off the Nintendo Miiverse on a high note.

Nintendo has launched the Everybody’s Message Community to give Miiverse users a chance to share their favorite memories of the service. The Everybody’s Message Community will be available until October 11th, and allows for drawing-only messages, some of which may be used at a later date in a collage to celebrate the community. The neat thing is that the community will be open for all regions, so expect to see some foreign languages represented there.

It’s good to see Nintendo give Miiverse one last hurrah before it goes the way of the Virtual Boy. Nintendo Miiverse will be closing entirely on Wii U and 3DS on November 7th, so make sure to leave an elaborate Waluigi drawing on the Miiverse page of your favorite game before then. What do you guys think about the Everybody’s Message Community celebrating Nintendo Miiverse memories? Let us know in the comments below!

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