Anthem: BioWare Talks Mass Effect Andromeda Feedback, How EA Has Learned From It, And More

To say that fans are concerned about BioWare’s upcoming action-RPG would be an understatement. After all, when Anthem was announced, it was at a time that many gamers felt burned…

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BioWare GM Offers Insight into Andromeda DLC Situation, Promises Anthem is “Unlike Anything” We’ve Seen

It’s no surprise that BioWare has been on an interesting, if not sometimes worrisome, path of evolution throughout the years. Especially recounting the most recent changes concerning studio veterans making…

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Former BioWare Boss

Former BioWare Boss Reflects On Studio Acquisition And What It Was Really Like Working Under EA

BioWare has been losing many of its prominent contributors over the last few years with the most recent exits being Dragon Age director Mike Laidlaw and Mass Effect writer Drew…

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Andromeda Fixpack Mod

Mass Effect Andromeda Fixpack Mod Addresses Many Unresolved Issues

As many fans know, BioWare and Electronic Arts have halted all future content updates for Mass Effect: Andromeda, a shame as vast as the Andromeda galaxy. With the proper assortment of patches…

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Anthem Delayed

Report: BioWare’s Anthem Delayed As Studio Feels Pressure To Make Things Right

Sci-fi gaming fans have been rather hesitant about getting hyped for BioWare’s upcoming title. Having been somewhat burned by last year’s Mass Effect: Andromeda and the stumbles it endured before…

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Bioware Animator Reveals 10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Mass Effect

Just this month, we celebrated the fantastic world of Mass Effect with BioWare to commemorate 10 wonderful years of a stunning franchise. Just because it is no longer November 7th…

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Nike Inadvertently Makes The Best Mass Effect Shoe Line Ever With N7 Showcase

Recently, Mass Effect celebrated its ten year anniversary with this year’s instance of N7 Day, or November 7th. BioWare recognized this special occasion by looking back at the past decade…

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N7 Day 2017 With Touching 10-Year Retrospective (VIDEO)

Mass Effect Celebrates N7 Day 2017 With New Video – “It’s Like Coming Home” (VIDEO)

After building up the event over the last few days, Mass Effect‘s annual N7 Day 2017 is finally upon us. Referencing the games’ elite military group as well as the…

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BioWare Announces Mass Effect Annihilation – Quarians, Drell, and Elcor Return!

Ever since BioWare announced an indefinite halt of Mass Effect: Andromeda DLC, fans have been left wondering when or if they’d ever get another story set within the sci-fi universe….

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BioWare Diversity

Former Mass Effect Dev Speaks Out On Lack of BioWare Diversity

An outspoken figure in the gaming industry, former Mass Effect series developer Manveer Heir,  has periodically been the subject of controversy due to his comments on sensitive issues. Having left…

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