Incredibles Gameplay Trailer

New LEGO The Incredibles Gameplay Trailer Offers A Closer Look At The Parr Family (VIDEO)

The summer blockbuster season is nearly upon us, and while a large part of this summer’s slate of big live-action superhero films seems to dominate much of the conversation, Pixar’s…

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Lego The Incredibles Game Trailer Officially Revealed (VIDEO)

For most of this year so far, gamers have been wondering what new Lego video games would be released later in 2018 and what media properties they might adapt to…

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Lego The Incredibles Video Game Confirmed, Arriving This Year

It wasn’t long ago that a rumor teased of a Lego The Incredibles video game, but there hadn’t been any official announcements from Pixar, Disney, or Lego. For whatever reason,…

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Black Panther DLC

Black Panther DLC Now Available In Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 (VIDEO)

In just a few days, the latest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther, will release in theaters. The new film has excited audiences enough ahead of its launch…

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Lego DC Supervillains

Lego DC Supervillains And The Incredibles 2 Might Be Next Lego Titles

Given the family friendliness of the titles, and their relative ease of development, one of the most consistent franchises to assure fans of a yearly installment has been that of…

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Fanmade Horizon Zero Dawn Lego Set Shows What a Person With a Little Imagination Can Do

The action role-playing game Horizon Zero Dawn was released earlier this year by Guerrilla Games and Sony for the PlayStation 4. The game itself is beautiful, full of ruins set…

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Junkrat's RIP-Tire

YouTuber Makes Junkrat’s RIP-Tire From Overwatch Out of LEGO (VIDEO)

Overwatch fans have been known to make all different kinds of art, fan-fiction, and so much more related to the popular first-person shooter and one of these fans, who has…

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Lego Dimensions Teen Titans

Lego Dimensions Teen Titans, Powerpuff Girls and Beetlejuice Packs Revealed

Lego Dimensions has been going strong with its stacked release schedule of expansion packs to help keep players interested in the game, bringing new updates and franchise universes to the…

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hulk thor ragnarok lego set

Thor: Ragnarok Lego Sets Reveal New Characters From the Upcoming Movie

After last month’s hit movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Marvel Studios’ next cosmic outing, Thor: Ragnarok, will arrive later this year in November. The new Asgardian adventure sees the…

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Apollo Saturn V Rocket

Apollo Saturn V Rocket Set to Launch as a LEGO Model Later This Year

Let the countdown begin. Today LEGO has announced the launch of a model Apollo Saturn V rocket, set to lift off June 1st. The model at its full height stands at…

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