YouTuber Creates Life Size Reaper Mask and Guns Out of Legos – Because Why Not? (VIDEO)

YouTube user ZaziNombies creates amazing things with LEGOs. Recently the Overwatch fan came from the shadows and recreated both the skull mask and Hellfire Shotguns that belong to Reaper in…

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Titanfall 2 Alternator Replicated in LEGO – What a Masterpiece! (VIDEO)

LEGO enthusiasts and gamers alike can take delight in a functional replica of the Titanfall 2 Alternator SMG. The build, created by Nick Brick, is among many in his arsenal…

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The New LEGO Batman Movie Trailer Promises Laughs Galore! (VIDEO)

After the insane popularity of the LEGO Movie in 2014, it seems that fans just can’t get enough of seeing what film creators have up their sleeves in bringing these miniature sized…

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Marvel Meet LEGO – Guardians of the Galaxy 2 LEGO Trailer is Spot On (VIDEO)

There are two things we all absolutely love in this world: Guardians of the Galaxy and LEGO. So what do we think when those two are combined into one, incredible…

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Lego Bioshock's Rapture

Fan Creates Lego Bioshock’s Rapture with 35,000 Bricks

Everyone’s favorite interlocking brick system has certainly evolved in the past few decades. Starting off as primarily children’s toys, we’ve seen the Lego brand expand into video games, a critically…

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Portal’s Mysterious Doug Rattmann Discovered in Lego Dimensions Easter Egg

For those who have not delved into the world of Lego Dimensions, you may be unaware of what this world has to offer. Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Ghost Busters, and…

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The Walking Dead - Negan - LEGO

THAT Scene From The Walking Dead S7 Premiere: LEGO Edition (VIDEO)

Spoilers abound! If you have not seen the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead, avert your eyes now. Better yet, go watch that episode and then return to this…

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Everything is Awesome With New Gremlins Addition to Lego Dimensions

If you haven’t played Lego Dimensions yet, you may not be aware of the wacky universe you’re stepping into. Imagine a world where Ghost Busters can hang with Doctor Who,…

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