KFC Is Cooking Up A Colonel Sanders Dating Sim (VIDEO)

In this modern, capitalist era video games have been used as a tool to sell. Whether it’s selling a personage such as Shaquille O’Neal or Michael Jordan, or to promote…

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Epic PUBG KFC Crossover Twitch Event Gives Out Real Chicken Dinners

Given the growth of digital media and social media in the past few years, major brands have been eager to appeal to gaming audiences on the web. One such brand…

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WWE 2K18 KFC Tie-In Makes Colonel Sanders a Playable Character (VIDEO)

The WWE series of video games has become notorious among internet culture, especially video game-related video sharing sites, for its custom character creator features that allow players to stage fights…

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New KFC VR Game is an Escape Room Puzzle and Chicken Frying Tutorial (VIDEO)

Innovations in the world of virtual reality have made the visual medium an exciting sector of the tech industry for various companies to create innovate new experiences, as well as…

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Hodor KFC Commercial

New Hodor KFC Commercial Pays Tribute to “That” Game of Thrones Scene (VIDEO)

The Game of Thrones season 7 premiere is less than two weeks away, and the hype continues to build for what sounds to be a thrilling, fast-paced season. The series…

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