Half-Life 2 Opening Remake Half-Life Alyx VR

Half-Life 2 Opening Being Remade in Half-Life: Alyx (VIDEO)

The opening moments of Half-Life 2 may be the most memorable in all of gaming, especially for that era of video games. That said, with technology being what it is…

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Half-life Alyx GoldenEye mod

Half-Life: Alyx Modders Are Remaking GoldenEye (VIDEO)

While it was not the third installment fans were hoping to see, Half-Life fans did find some satisfaction in the release of Half-Life: Alyx earlier this year. The game helped…

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Valve Employees

Valve Employees Want To Create A Full-Scale Half-Life Game

For much of the past decade, one of the most elusive video game franchises has been the Half-Life series. While the third episode of Half-Life 3 has still yet to…

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Silent Hills PT Half-Life Alyx Mod

Silent Hills PT Recreated In Half-Life: Alyx With Beautiful Mod (VIDEO)

Fans will likely always remain in the dark when it comes to what could have been with the cancelled Silent Hills game. While some still have PT on their PlayStation…

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Arkane Studios Cancelled Half-Life

Arkane Studios Documentary Will Spotlight Cancelled Half-Life Game (VIDEO)

Few gaming franchises have remained as infamously elusive as Half-Life. The franchise helped put Valve on the map and establish their Steam digital storefront empire. However, it was this PC-retail…

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Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx No VR Mod Now Available On PC (VIDEO)

Regarded as one of the most anticipated games of the year, Half-Life: Alyx has managed to largely live up to the hype with critics and fans lauding its compelling premise…

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Half-Life: Alyx's Insane Levels Of Sound Detail Explained By Valve

Half-Life: Alyx’s Insane Levels Of Sound Detail Explained By Valve

Half-LIfe: Alyx represents Valve’s long-anticipated return to the franchise, one that likely would not have been possible had it not been for the team finding interest in pushing VR technology…

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Half-Life: Alyx VR Valve Index

Half-Life: Alyx Revealed To Be Playable Without VR (VIDEO)

Valve’s big return to game development has certainly made a splash with Half-Life: Alyx, with the VR title earning all kinds of praise for its merits in virtual reality as…

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Half-Life: Alyx Devs Considered Making A Portal VR Game

Half-Life: Alyx Devs Considered Making A Portal VR Game

It looks like Half-Life: Alyx wasn’t the only VR title that was considered by the team at Valve. Before the team landed on making another Half-Life game using their new…

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Gabe Newell Says We're "Way Closer To The Matrix Than People Realize"

Gabe Newell Says We’re “Way Closer To The Matrix Than People Realize” (VIDEO)

When Half-Life: Alyx was announced late last year, the majority of the fans of the franchise were upset that, even though a new Half-Life game had finally been announced, it…

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