EA Belgium Criminal Investigation

EA Reportedly Under Criminal Investigation in Belgium For Loot Boxes

After the Battlefront II controversy, you’d think EA would learn a lesson regarding loot crates. You’d think wrong. In April, the video game titan opted to go heads up with the…

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FIFA Players React To Latest EA Star Wars Battlefront 2 Microtransactions Fiasco

Following excessive backlash from fans, EA made an unexpected move and temporarily shut down microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront 2. The complaints focused on the game being “pay-to-win”, since players…

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Playstation store october

FIFA, Shadow Of War, And More Duke It Out – PlayStation Store October Results Are In

Sony released their PlayStation Store October top downloaded results and FIFA 18 sits at the top of the list in multiple categories. The PlayStation marketplace breaks down their lists based…

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EA's Nintendo Switch Days

EA’s Nintendo Switch Days Are Over For The Time Being

The Nintendo Switch has been going strong since its release earlier this year. With new titles arriving all the time, including the recently launched smash hit Super Mario Odyssey, the…

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FIFA 18 Online Multiplayer is Limited on the Nintendo Switch

FIFA 18 Online Multiplayer is Limited on the Nintendo Switch

FIFA 18 recently launched worldwide and fans of the extremely successful EA Sports franchise were quick to pick up the new game. Console gamers are a large part of that…

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Large Amount of Nintendo Switch Games Added This Week

The Nintendo Switch has been more active this week than normal, adding titles left and right. After releasing a large amount of Eshop games the other day that included the original Mario…

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Platinum Trophies

Real-Life Platinum Trophies Coming to PlayStation 4 Lucky Winners (VIDEO)

Gamers have many goals when they play, some play to reach the highest level and others to get the best gear. Another goal that is sought out by many is achievement/trophy…

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FIFA 18 Gets New Story Mode Trailer Featuring a Few Special Guests (VIDEO)

The release of EA Sports’ FIFA 18 is just around the corner, which means fans are about to return to the tale of Alex Hunter, the up-and-coming athlete from the…

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More Nintendo Switch Games

EA Might Release More Nintendo Switch Games if FIFA 18 Performs Well

With FIFA 18 making its way to Nintendo’s newest console next month, it makes one wonder if any other Switch games will be coming out of EA. If so, it…

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FIFA 18 The Journey Hunter Returns

Alex Hunter is Back in FIFA 18 “The Journey”, Here’s a Look at the EA Play Cinematic Trailer (VIDEO)

One of the standout additions to last year’s FIFA 17 was its expanded single-player campaign, which featured an original story mode. Titled “The Journey”, it followed protagonist Alex Hunter (voiced…

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