Ronda Rouse Livestreaming

Ronda Rousey Livestreaming Channel Will Begin By Playing Pokémon For Australia (VIDEO)

The internet has helped expand the video game industry in numerous ways, but livestreaming has become one of the foremost to expand the reach and cultural ubiquity of gaming as…

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Two Pokémon Games Debut On Facebook Gaming Platform

The Pokémon franchise has long since evolved past its roots as a classic RPG series on Nintendo’s Game Boy. The series has not only introduced a long-running anime adventure as…

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beat saber facebook

Facebook Announces Beat Saber Studio Acquisition

Virtual reality gaming has evolved immensely within the past handful of years alone with the likes of Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, Borderlands 2, Kingdom Hearts, and a multitude…

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Splinter Cell Game Discussed By Ubisoft

Splinter Cell VR, Assassin’s Creed VR Reportedly Coming To Oculus

While the Assassin’s Creed series continues to dole out oodles of main entries and spin-offs, Splinter Cell has been decidedly more stealthy, with rumors, ports, and small cameos keeping the…

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Oculus Quest Standalone All-In-One VR Headset

Oculus Announces All-In-One VR Headset, ‘Oculus Quest’ (VIDEO)

Today saw VR developers assemble for the Oculus Connect conference where a new piece of hardware was set to be announced at the event. Facebook would unveil the Oculus Quest, an upcoming…

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Facebook VR Shooter

Facebook VR Shooter Removed From Conservative Political Action Conference

Those in North America are likely aware of the uproarious events that transpired over the last few weeks. This past Valentine’s Day saw a tragic school shooting claim the lives…

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Facebook For Creators

Facebook For Creators Provides Gaming Streamers With Monetization Options

With the constant bombardment of changes coming out of the YouTube camp, gamers and others in the creative community have been affected in a negative way. Monetization has been a…

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Aladdin Remake Set Photo

First Live-Action Aladdin Remake Set Photo Shared by Will Smith

With the critical acclaim and financial success of the live action The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast remakes, Disney has been very much looking forward to repeating those…

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Artificial Intelligence System Develops Own Language – Next Step: Take Over World

Researchers at Facebook had to pull the plug recently on an artificial intelligence system once two chatbots developed their own language and were understanding one another. Fast Co. Design says the…

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ZeniMax suing Samsung

ZeniMax Suing Samsung Over VR Following Their Lawsuit Win Against Oculus

Having just come off of a successful lawsuit (which you can read the full court proceedings here) filed against Oculus, publisher Bethesda’s parent company, ZeniMax, is now suing Samsung in…

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