destiny 2 livestream event

Upcoming Destiny 2 Livestream Event Will Include a Look at PC Gameplay

When Bungie announced a sequel to its successful first person shooter Destiny, fans of the game were nothing less than excited. The developers have since only made fans only more ravenous,…

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Future Console Gaming

Xboss on Future Console Gaming, Says Destiny 2 Will Be Similar to World of Warcraft

Project Scorpio’s hardware specifications arrived last week and Microsoft has continued to openly discuss the upcoming console, even with the major reveal slated for E3 in June. In a recent interview…

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New Combat Abilities

“Devastating” New Combat Abilities Promised for Destiny 2 – “There Will Be a Ton of Loot”

Players are hungry creatures constantly hunting for any information about upcoming titles they can find. Developers usually take one of two paths with curious fans. One is never giving out…

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destiny 2 pc

Destiny 2 PC Release to Utilize Steam Client for Digital Purchases

While the launch of Destiny 2 is still months away, information and “leaks” have been making its way around the gaming community like wildfire. One of the biggest news was…

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Destiny 2 Collector's Edition

Leaked Destiny 2 Collector’s Edition Info Begs the Question “Who is Hawthorne?”

It’s become a well known fact that gamers can and will scour over every scrap of information they can get their hands on searching for any insight on a new…

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destiny 2 dlc expansions

New Destiny 2 DLC Leak Exposes Expansion Pass Release Information

Destiny 2 may have only just been announced a few days ago, but information about developer Bungie’s space-set action game had already been outed numerous times before the official announcement. Previous…

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Developer Says They’re Not “Turning the Lights Off on Destiny 1” in the Foreseeable Future

With the upcoming title Destiny 2 making all the headlines, fans have to wonder if Destiny 1 is done for good. In the middle of the sequel’s hype train, the…

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Lord Saladin

Lord Saladin and His Wolves Destiny 2 Figure Revealed – Arriving This Fall

Coming off the high that was the announcement of Destiny 2, the hilarious Cayde-6 teaser, the actual trailer, and the fact that the title will be making its way to…

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First Look at the Different Editions of Destiny 2 – A Collector’s Edition Fit For Your Guardian

Fans are getting anxious waiting for the release of Bungie’s upcoming online multiplayer first-person shooter. Earlier today, the official Destiny 2 trailer dropped and it was confirmed that the game…

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Destiny 2 Official Trailer Dropped – Plus Confirmation of it Coming to PC! Watch it Here (VIDEO)

After months of speculation and one hilarious teaser, we finally have the official trailer promising us hilarious and story-rich goodness for those excited for the release of Destiny 2 from…

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