South Korean Overwatch Accounts

Over 22,000 South Korean Overwatch Accounts Banned By Blizzard so far This Year

Overwatch players are very well aware of Blizzard Entertainment’s continuous efforts to keep the game as fair and balanced as possible. We have seen a significant amount of updates the…

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Overwatch Developer Update Video

Overwatch Developer Update Video Shares Reasoning for PTR and Latest Updates (VIDEO)

Previous reports surfaced earlier this month about the newest Overwatch updates that have been available for testing on the game’s PTR, or Public Testing Region. These updates have had fans…

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Overwatch Patch Testing

New Overwatch Patch Testing Available on PTR – New Nerfs, Buffs, and More

We learned recently that Overwatch players should expect a nerf to hit Roadhog fairly soon, although this change in power would likely be tested first in the game’s Public Testing Region….

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Overwatch Fan Terry Crews Visits Blizzard HQ – Truth to the Rumors of Him Becoming a Hero?

It’s no secret that Blizzard’s games draw fans from all walks of life, many of which happen to be celebrities. Dave Chappelle, Natalie Portman, and Mila Kunis all are among…

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StarCraft II Alexi Stukov

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void’s 3.9.0 Update Adds a New Co-op Commander

Update 3.9.0 is here for StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. Additions include a new commander for co-op and a new Nova Covert Ops bundle. Alexei Stukov is joining Co-op Missions for…

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Blizzard Publishing

Blizzard Publishing to Resurrect Classic Books and Release New Publications!

The time is upon us when we can enjoy the best that Blizzard has to offer in book form…again. That’s right, gamers, in an official release on December 8, Blizzard…

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Blizzard’s Latest Collectable: The Overwatch Reaper Statue *Heavy Breathing Intensifies* [VIDEO]

Blizzard continues its line of premium collectibles with the newly revealed Overwatch Reaper Statue. Only the second collectible in the line, the Reaper figure follows Blizzard’s release of the Overwatch…

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Everybody Gets a Corgi for WoW’s 12th Birthday!

You get a corgi! You get a corgi! You get a corgi! Everybody gets a corgi! Even if you don’t play World of Warcraft, surely, you can appreciate the wonderfulness…

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Blizzard recruiting

Blizzard Recruiting Two Engineers for “Unannounced Project”

Do you fancy yourself a software engineer? Do you have what it takes to make it in the gaming industry? Would you like to work for one of the largest…

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New Overwatch Patch Available Now on PTR

As of November 7th, a new patch is available for Blizzard Entertainment’s fast paced shooter, Overwatch. The patch is only available on Overwatch’s Player Test Realm (PTR). The PTR is only available for PC…

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