Overwatch's McCree

Overwatch’s McCree New Name Announced By Activision Blizzard

2021 has been an incredibly impactful year for Activision Blizzard, but not for the reasons they would’ve hoped. The company has come under fire for a series of lawsuits and…

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Overwatch 2 Executive Producer

Overwatch 2 Executive Producer Leaves Blizzard Entertainment

The past few months have proven to be quite tumultuous at Activision Blizzard, and rightfully so. Given their systemically fostered toxic workplace environment, repercussions were inevitable for the company, starting…

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SEC Investigation

Activision Blizzard Reportedly Under SEC Investigation For Harassment

One of the biggest stories in the gaming industry so far in 2021 has been the wave of allegations made towards Activision Blizzard regarding the company’s toxic workplace culture, and…

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Activision Blizzard Employees

Activision Blizzard Employees Allege Workplace Intimidation In New Filing

There has been a sort of reckoning in the gaming industry for some of the biggest developers in the gaming industry in recent years. Big publishers/developers like Ubisoft and Riot…

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Overwatch’s McCree Is Getting A Name Change Due To Lawsuit

There have been many big stories in the video game industry the past year, but perhaps none as revelatory as the lawsuit made towards Activision Blizzard by the state of…

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Ubisoft Employees

Ubisoft Employees Support Activision Blizzard Walkout With Open Letter

The past few years have seen a rising reckoning in the gaming industry’s biggest companies. Riot Games notably was accused of fostering an environment that fostered sexual harassment, and a…

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Diablo IV

Diablo IV Character Customization “Most Inclusive” Of The Series Yet (VIDEO)

Diablo III introduced the ability to customize characters, to an extent, giving players a chance to change the character’s gender and name. Unfortunately, the title didn’t give fans a good…

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Overwatch Cross-Play Announced For All Platforms (VIDEO)

Overwatch Cross-Play Announced For All Platforms (VIDEO)

Online multiplayer games continue to dominate as some of the most popular and most lucrative titles in the industry, with one of the top ones being Blizzard’s Overwatch. The hit…

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Blizzard Arcade Collection

Blizzard Arcade Collection Revives 3 Classic Blizzard Games (VIDEO)

With BlizzCon returning once again in 2021, albeit in an online-only livestream format this time, Blizzard fans across the globe are celebrating their favorite Blizzard franchises. As promised, Blizzard has…

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Overwatch 2 New York

Overwatch 2 New York Map Revealed (VIDEO)

Another BlizzCon has finally arrived, and while this year’s event had to shift to an online-only format because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the same fanfare is still to be found….

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