Happy Few

‘We Happy Few’ Gets A New Trailer Giving Us Major BioShock Vibes (VIDEO)

The incredibly creepy We Happy Few is the latest title from Compulsion Games and Gearbox, introducing players to a psychedelic, drug-laced psychotic happy land. This game definitely has some BioShock…

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Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart Official Trailer Is Like A Fallout And BioShock Paradise In One (VIDEO)

Picture yourself in alternate timeline during the “high noon of the Soviet Union” where you are a secret agent with the task of uncovering the secrets of enterprise “3826.” Now…

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INSOMNIA: The Ark Blends Bioshock Locales With Fallout Gameplay (VIDEO)

INSOMNIA: The Ark Blends Bioshock Locales With Fallout Gameplay (VIDEO)

While we’re all waiting with bated breath to see if the rumors about a new Bioshock game are true, us gamers still need something fun to play in the meantime….

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Secret BioShock Game

Report: Secret BioShock Game Currently Being Developed

Many fans of the BioShock franchise have been left hanging in the dark over recent years. Since the release of BioShock Infinite back in 2013, gamers have been searching high…

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Hidden Message In BioShock Rediscovered 10 Years After Release

From the most unlikeliest of sources, a hidden message from the original BioShock game was revealed. First released in 2007, which was in fact over 10 years ago now, the…

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Cancelled BioShock Film

2K Games Recruits Prey and BioShock Designer For New Project

A new year has begun and with it are gamers looking forward to the biggest upcoming titles, and some in the industry are beginning their year with new projects to…

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Next BioShock Title

Next BioShock Title Might See The Return Of Multiplayer

This past August saw the 10th anniversary celebration of the BioShock franchise. Originally released for PC and Xbox 360 on August 21, 2007, the series has flourished as players were…

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2K Games Hiring

2K Games Hiring First-Person Shooter Team For Unannounced Game

A handful of employment opportunities have recently appeared on 2K Games’ website. Covering a plethora of positions, the listings point towards an unannounced AAA first-person shooter. Is another entry into…

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BioShock Anniversary Celebrates 10 Years With a Collector’s Edition and More (VIDEO)

In celebration of the 10 years since the series was brought into the world (August 21st, 2007) and with the immense support it has received through all the games, 2K…

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City of Brass

Uppercut Games’ City of Brass Looks BioShockingly Indiana Jones-ish (VIDEO)

If you were to take the collective minds of creatives that have helped bring about such titles as BioShock, Submerged, and Epoch, and then combined that with an Arabian Nights/Indiana…

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