Super Smash Bros Ultimate Will Have Over 100 Stages, New Features (VIDEO)

Super Smash Bros Ultimate new donk city hall

Nintendo Switch is throwing the biggest fist-flying fiesta of all time with the advent of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, crossing over every game character from the already-inclusive franchise while introducing even more. Several of these new additions were unveiled during today’s Smash Direct, notably cracking Castlevania‘s Belmont clan into battle along with a fitting Dracula’s Castle stage. Of course, this wouldn’t be the only new area announced, as over 100 stages were also confirmed for the final product.

Long-time favorites such as the Pokemon Stadium, Metal Gear Solid‘s Shadow Moses, Metroid‘s Brinstar Depths, as well as every other level introduced in the series are also making a return, many being remastered in HD for modern consumption. However, this polish won’t extend to all stages, with areas such as Donkey Kong‘s Kongo Jungle from the original Nintendo 64 title preserving their jagged, low resolution charm for maximum nostalgia.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate hyrule castle nintendo 64

Of the 103 confirmed stages, New Donk City Hall from Super Mario Odyssey was revealed as another new inclusion, capturing the setting’s energetic atmosphere as well as that super-catchy theme song sung by Pauline. This stage, along with all others will be ready to play from launch, packed new features such as chronological ordering and the ability to toggle hazards on or off. Stage-altering forms such as Battlefield and Omega are also back, providing variants to each level and technically bringing the stage total to over 300.

One nifty surprise that Super Smash Bros Ultimate will sport is the introduction of transforming stages, enabling one level to morph into another during in-game battle and adding yet another layer of fighting strategy. While transforming only allows two stages to be selected, customization options allow extended functionality like time limits and the ability to transport between random levels. Check out video presentation below.

This was only one section of Nintendo’s Smash Direct announcement, as several other notable tidbits were revealed during the duration, such as the addition of Chrom and Dark Samus to the roster, a glorious array of Amiibo fighters, as well as several new Pokemon pronouncing their super-effective status. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is looking to live up to its subtitle in every way when it releases for Nintendo Switch on December 7th.

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