Cancelled South Park Game Boy Color Game Leaked Online

South Park Game Boy

Given the longevity of the South Park television series and its fairly simple character designs, the show has lent itself well to many video game adaptations. While not all of the games have been the most well-received by critics, more recent titles like The Fractured But Whole have been praised for their authenticity to the show’s brand of raunchy humor. At one point in the earlier days of handheld gaming, there was a South Park Game Boy Color game in the works that would unfortunately never see the light of day. However, it seems that the game has now leaked, and the story behind its cancellation takes many odd turns.

Resetera has reported on the recent leaking of the South Park Game Boy Color game that was in development by the now defunct Acclaim Studios. The title was supposedly cancelled due to South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker being afraid of children getting access to the game, given the major appeal that the Game Boy had for its young user base. Acclaim still decided to keep a backup prototype of the game, which recently resurfaced. What is even more interesting is how it still lived on despite not leaking until now.

Not one to waste decent game code, Acclaim turned the cancelled South Park Project into three different games. North American gamers saw the project turned into Olsen twin merchandise pillars “Mary-Kate & Ashley – Get a Clue” and “The New Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley” on Game Boy Color, while European kids got a Maya the Bee game that utilized the South Park game’s structure. Still, it’s cool to see the game in its originally intended form, and to see a rumored title even more mysterious than ManBearPig out in the wild.

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