Smash Bros. Ultimate GameCube Controllers Announced, Compatible With Switch

Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is only 5 months away and while the wait is killing gamers everywhere, it is nice to see a community of players so riled up and ready for a game like this. Smash players have been waiting very patiently since the Switch’s launch a year and a half ago to hear about the new Smash Bros. and they finally did during the Nintendo Direct back in March. Nintendo also dedicated a huge amount of their E3 2018 press conference to revealing the new gameplay tweaks and announced that every character from previous games would be back in this new installment.

However, while the Switch is a fun little console, there is some concern regarding controller fidelity holding up in a game that demands precision like Super Smash Bros. The brawler is a social game where many fans have fond memories of playing long hours on the couch with their friends, and the single joy-cons just don’t look like they’d hold up in everyone’s hands.

There is always the Pro controller, but where’s the fun in that? Luckily, one third-party controller manufacturer has entered the fight: PDP with their wired GameCube controllers that are compatible with the Nintendo Switch console.

While Nintendo has offered up their own first-party revival on the beloved controller and updated the Switch to work with GameCube controllers, these PDP controllers might be better options. Not only do they have snazzy Nintendo designs, these babies have a modular right stick that you can swap in the traditional C-stick or keep the full sized one they include.

These PDP pads also feature a ZL and ZR button that isn’t featured on the original GameCube controller, so presumably they can be used with most any game on the Switch. They also have a Home and Screenshot button so you can capture your best moments on the fly and don’t have to get up and use a joy-con to go to the home screen.

We haven’t heard word on a price or release date for these controllers, but make sure to follow us on Twitter and we should be able to let you know immediately when both are revealed. Are you excited for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Be sure to keep it here for all news regarding the newest entry in the beloved series and check out these other stories from Don’t Feed The Gamers:


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