Konami Says the ‘R’ in Super Bomberman R has “Many Meanings”

super bomberman r

Super Bomberman R was a pleasant surprise addition to the Nintendo Switch launch lineup when announced last month. Fans of Bomberman will be quick to remind anyone that it’s been a long while since a proper Bomberman game has been released. With the series being banished to the realm of mobile gaming for the last few years, it seems like a comeback is in order for the White Bomber. Though there have been many great iterations of Bomberman in the past, R looks to reclaim the classic fast-paced and strategic gameplay that made the series great in the first place.

super bomberman r
One thing gamers have been scratching their brains about is Super Bomberman R‘s title. What the heck does “R” even mean? R is the eighteenth number in the alphabet. Could it have something to do with that? The answer is much less complicated, unfortunately. According to a Reddit post asking the same question, a Konami spokesperson revealed the singular R is actually a throwback to retro naming schemes of the past, such as Mega Man X. They went on to say that the R could represent the “Return” or “Rebirth” of the franchise, but also added that it could mean “Rangers”, the new game’s bomber patrol collective, as well.

I suppose we have our answer then. While it isn’t as mysterious or plot-based as it could’ve been, it’s still a welcome reminder of the classic nostalgia trip developers HexaDrive and Konami are shooting for with gamers when Super Bomberman R hits the Nintendo Switch on March 3rd. While it almost surely has no relation, “Ranger” is also the name of a minor enemy from the 1998 PlayStation game Bomberman World. Coincidence? Yeah, probably. Still, it would be smart not rule out a full-blown Ranger conspiracy just yet. You can see it in his eyes: this guy means trouble.

super bomberman r ranger conspiracy
What do you think about Super Bomberman R? Are you excited for the Nintendo Switch? Is there a Ranger conspiracy being covered up by the heads at Konami? Let us know in the comments below and check out these other Nintendo-themed news stories! Be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for up-to-date coverage on everything nerdy!

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