New Death Stranding Multiplayer Details Revealed By Hideo Kojima

We’re only a few short months away from finally getting to play Hideo Kojima’s highly anticipated new game, Death Stranding. His latest project has been an object of fascination since…

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Metal Gear Solid’s OST Receives A Beautiful Vinyl Release

Despite sporting the old age of 21, Hideo Kojima’s classic title Metal Gear Solid is officially getting the vinyl treatment for its OST. Announced by Mondo and produced by Konami,…

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Solid Snake Actor Lashes Out At EVO’s Tekken 7 “Joke”

For those blissfully unaware, EVO made a bit of a whoopsie recently when, during the Tekken finals at EVO 2019, a video of a codec call from within the Metal…

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New Death Stranding Trailer Details the Character Heartman (VIDEO)

Despite the drip-feed of new trailers and information about Hideo Kojima’s new game, Death Stranding, it remains an enigma. The game’s world takes place after an apocalyptic event, the titular…

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TurboGrafx-16 Mini Game Lineup And Release Date Revealed (VIDEO)

The TurboGrafx-16, or PC Engine, was originally released all the way back in 1987. Konami announced just last month that the company would be launching a new compact version of…

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PES 2019’s Removal From PS Plus Was Sony’s Call, Says Konami

Normally, Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription service is a pretty on-the-level affair, with the company offering a few free PlayStation 4 games each month for members to download and play at…

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QT Is Hideo Kojima’s P.T., But Everything Is More Adorable (VIDEO)

Many of you likely know about Hideo Kojima’s cancelled Silent Hills game that was once a thing. During that whole fiasco, a playable teaser, more commonly known as P.T., was…

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Former Castlevania Developer Would Love To Create Another Game

Castlevania fans have been treated to quite a bit as of late, with the collection being released last month across PC and consoles, as well as the hit Netflix series…

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Contra Rogue Corps Announced, Contra Anniversary Collection Now Available On Switch (VIDEO)

Today’s been a pretty incredible day if you’re a Contra fan. During the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct, the Big N revealed Contra Rogue Corps, a new Contra game coming soon…

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Contra Anniversary Collection Revealed By Konami

Earlier this year, the folks over at Konami announced its upcoming Contra Anniversary Collection. Taking after the Castlevania Anniversary Collection that officially released earlier this month, the celebratory collection of…

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