P.T. Will Not Be Available On PlayStation 5

One of the biggest games to get cancelled in recent memory is none other than Silent Hills. Before the title was cancelled, and before the messy split between Konami and…

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Silent Hill 4 The Room GOG Konami

Silent Hill 4: The Room Now Available On GOG

Konami recently brought a handful of their classic titles such as Metal Gear and Castlevania to PC via GOG, delighting many fans across the world. However, they have now brought…

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Metal Gear Solid Konami GOG

Metal Gear Solid, Contra, And More Konami Classics Added To GOG

With the thought of a Metal Gear Solid movie on many fans’ minds and the recent report of a PC and PS5-exclusive remake, a lot of people are probably thinking…

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Metal Gear Solid Reportedly Getting A Next-Gen Exclusive Remake

For many years, fans of the original Metal Gear Solid have been pining for a true remake of the classic title, with both Twin Snakes and MGS4’s visit to Shadow…

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Super Bomberman R Online Naked Snake

Super Bomberman R Online Stadia Release Date Revealed (VIDEO)

Releasing in 2018 as the latest from the explosive Bomberman franchise, Super Bomberman R re-introduced many players to the series’ classic maze-running gameplay for PC and consoles. With the introduction…

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Fall Guys

Fall Guys Draws The Attention Of Hopeful Major Collaborators

Fall Guys recently launched, offering players a chance to take part in a battle of skill, chance, and sheer hilarious action. The battle royale title of races and various mini…

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Silent Hill Tweet

Silent Hill Tweet Excites Fans, Konami Responds With “Easy There”

There are many beloved video game franchises that have left their fans eagerly awaiting a new title to this day, and one of the series that has reached peak demand…

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Solid Snake Cameo Logic

Logic’s Latest Album Features A Solid Snake Cameo

As generations of youth that grew up on video game culture are now aging into their own right as the ground floor of mainstream media, the influence of games has…

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PES 2020 Player Arrested For Allegedly Making Bomb Threats To Konami

PES 2020 Player Arrested For Allegedly Making Bomb Threats To Konami

Yet another Japanese game developer has become the recent subject of multiple threats, though this story seemingly has a happy ending. It has been revealed that a 16-year-old PES 2020…

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PS5 game listings

PS5 Game Listings Potentially Leaked By Retailers

There has been much anticipation this year by gamers for more knowledge about the upcoming next-generation of video game consoles. While the event was delayed to not draw any attention…

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