New Silent Hill Movie Announced, Titled “Return To Silent Hill”

Return To Silent Hill

Hollywood is in an interesting place right now with the gradual increase of video game adaptations into major movies and television series. These projects span various franchises and genres, from the family-friendly animated Super Mario Bros. Movie by Illumination to the serious live-action drama series based on The Last of Us. One video game franchise that had seen success adapting itself to films early on years ago had been the Silent Hill series, though that franchise has been dormant in both art media forms for a decade. Now, it appears that a new Silent Hill movie titled Return To Silent Hill is in the works.

Konami has released the Return To Silent Hill teaser trailer featurette on their official YouTube channel, after having first revealed the teaser trailer as a part of its recent Silent Hill digital presentation. The video begins with commentary by director Christophe Gans, who returns to the film series after directing the first Silent Hill film released in 2006. That first film naturally adapted the events of the first Silent Hill game, whereas this film seems to be adapting the events of Silent Hill 2. Like the game, it seems that the film will follow James Sunderland, as he returns to Silent Hill in the hopes of finding his deceased beloved Mary.

Return To silent Hill

In addition to the title, the Return To Silent Hill featurette also shows concept art for the film project. Gans confirmed that he and his creative team are working closely with Konami to faithfully adapt the narrative and visual style of Silent Hill 2 into this live-action film. The footage also confirms the return of the terrifying Pyramid Head, though Gans suggests that to some extent, the iconic villain will be reimagined for this iteration of the story. Still, for fans of the franchise, this adaptation has been long in-demand for fans, and it will be great to see such a foggy experience brought to life on the big screen.

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