Have a Street Fighter V Holiday This Year with Festive Costumes and More! (VIDEO)

December brings 6 new Street Fighter V holiday costumes and a new holiday themed version of the New York stage. Camo clad Alex’s hometown is decked out with lights, giant ornaments, and presents scattered around and you can get it for $1.99 or 40,000 “fight money”. Each of these costumes pictured below cost $3.99 or you can get the Holiday Bundle that includes them all plus the stage for only $19.99. The sale on these limited time items ends January 17th so pick yours up soon on the Playstation Store or Steam shop.

All I can say is, MAN those girls must be FREEZING! Juri, Karin, Ken, R. Mika, Zangief, and Laura are all looking festive during their Street Fighter V Holiday celebration. Below is a video of the holiday themed Frosty Blvd., New York stage and all the new costumes in action:

Also coming to Street Fighter V, new B-boy and B-girl costumes for Ryu and Chun-Li. They will be $3.99 also and come in colors 1-10.



According to the Capcom Unity page,

“PlayStation Experience attendees will have a chance to try out all of this content at the Capcom booth before it is officially released. Also, if you tuned in to Red Bull Battlegrounds, the very first Season 2 character will also be unlocked for play. The release date for the Holiday content, B-Boy/B-Girl costumes and the first Season 2 character, will be announced during PSX. Also at PSX will be Yoshinori Ono, executive producer of Street Fighter V, and attendees will have a chance to meet him and his beloved Blanka toy throughout the weekend. Be sure to pack your own coveted Street Fighter memorabilia to get them signed by Ono himself!”

Sounds like a great time! Let us know your feelings about the new Street Fighter V holiday items in the comment section and check out DFTG’s Twitter for all your gaming news the second it’s published! Did you know that Capcom could provide Street Fighter V DLC until 2020? Read about it here!

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