Steam Digital Tabletop Fest Happening Later This Month

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You might not be able to enjoy the cozy feel of tabletop games in person, but for a few games there’s always the option to play digitally! Steam is holding a tabletop-focused event for fans around the world where they’ll host let’s plays, streaming activities, panels, and “explore the fusion between physical and digital games.”

The Steam Digital Tabletop Fest begins October 21st and will run its course all the way through October 26th. Games such as the few listed below will take place during the show, which will include a developer from each game as players. Check it out:

  • Plague Inc: Evolved – Where James Vaughan, game designer of the digital and physical version plays the digital game’s boardgame scenario while discussing the design of both versions.
  • Othercide – The tactical-RPG blending strong art style, unique lore and challenging tactical gameplay, presented by its Art Director and Lead Game Designer.
  • Gloomhaven – livestream, featuring the developers, will discuss the upcoming content for the next major update of Gloomhaven’s Early Access on Steam.
  • Virtual panel on games about Mars – Where game creators will be joined by actual space agency staff and scientists to ask what games get right and wrong about Mars.
  • Virtual panel on Cthulhu games – Where some of the most notable Cthulhu-themed designers from digital and physical ask about the cultural impact of such titles and more.

Other games and their respective developers that will make an appearance include but are not limited to: Tharsis, Mars Horizon, Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics, Terraforming Mars, and Call of Cthulhu.

Join in on the festivities with live broadcasts to chat with the hosts and developers during the Steam Digital Tabletop Fest starting October 21st. So if you want to pick the brains of the people behind the creative process of these games, this is a great chance to do so as well!

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